Quality used web offset printing presses

About Scholten Graphic Services

Scholten Graphic Services is specialised in trading web offset printing equipment. Our international service engineers install and commission web offset printing presses all over the world.


Reconditioning a machine

Presses can be fully reconditioned in our factory. Our trained staff can completely take apart a machine, and prepare it to for continued use at its new owner.

Used equipment can be delivered in three different states:

  • Rebuilt

    A 'rebuilt' machine gets the full treatment. The machine is completely taken apart at our plant and every part is checked on functionality. Faulty parts are replaced and the entire machine is cleaned before it is put back together. Rebuilt machines look and function as good as new. Scholten Graphic Services offers 3 months guarantee on all mechanical parts on machines that have had this treatment.

  • Checked and cleaned

    When marked 'checked and cleaned', the machine has been fully tested for functionality and has been cleaned up. Parts are not repainted and former use of the machine will still be evident. SGS does however guarantee functionality of these machines and will deliver a report with recommended amendments and repairs likely to be required in the future.

  • As is

    When a machine is delivered 'as is', it is delivered in the state it is currently in. Scholten Graphic Services performs no tests on the machine, does not fix problems and does not clean the press. This is the cheapest way to get a machine delivered to your factory.


Relocating machines

Scholten GS also specialises in moving machines from one location to another. The new location can be in the same building, but also on a different continent. Scholten Graphic Services can offer full project support or can work together with your project team to get the job done.

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