Quality used web offset printing presses

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Available equipment

This is our current list of available equipment. If you can not find what you are looking for, then please contact us. We may still be able to help you out!

Ref. nr.Make & modelColorsWeb widthBuiltRewinderFolderSheeter
SQ143-9Drent Vision9520 mm.1999rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ142-8Drent Vision8520 mm.2000rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ101-6Drent Gazelle 4F6520 mm.1988rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ120-6Drent Vision6520 mm.2000rewinderno foldersheeter
SQ140-5Drent Gazelle 4F5520 mm.1985no rewinderno foldersheeter
SQ070-0Drent Vision inserts 600 mm.55202004no rewinderno folderno sheeter
SQ113-5Giebeler Advantage R4605460 mm.1999rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ135-5Miyakoshi5458 mm.1996rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ130-4Automation45001993no rewinderno foldersheeter
SQ139-4Drent Gazelle 4F4520 mm.1988rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ077-4Drent Gazelle 6 T Excel44851995rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ078-4Drent Gazelle 6 T Excel44851995rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ074-0Drent Gazelle 6P inserts44851989no rewinderno folderno sheeter
SQ104-0Goebel Optiforma4520 mm.1994no rewinderno folderno sheeter
SQ064-4Printing inserts 20´´ Gazelle 6P4485 mm.1990no rewinderno folderno sheeter
SQ136-3Edelmann34201992no rewinderno foldersheeter
SQ082-3Müller Martini Pronto3406 mm.1993no rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ138-2Drent Gazelle 4F2520 mm.1986no rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ141-2Drent Vision2520 mm.1999rewinderno foldersheeter
SQ145-CBielomatic Collator520 mm.1978no rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ146-CBielomatic Collator520 mm.1989no rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ147-CBielomatic collator520 mm.1978no rewinderfoldersheeter
SQ001-1Bosch Rexroth2004no rewinderno folderno sheeter
SQ131-0Graphotechnik pack collator520 mm.1992no rewinderfolderno sheeter
SQ055-0Redexnewno rewinderno folderno sheeter


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